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Best For Your 12-Week Cycle

All The Different Kinds Of Steroids And Choosing The Best For Your 12-Week CycleAll The Different Kinds Of Steroids And Choosing The Best For Your 12-Week Cycle

Getting Started with Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids

When you hear the term “steroid,” if you are like most people, you probably think of strong, muscle-building anabolic steroids like testosterone. A steroid, on the other hand, is just an organic substance that comprises all various sorts of hormones, including one of the most well-known vitamins (Vitamin D), and even one of the most well-known hormones (estradiol).

When it comes to bodybuilding and sports performance, anabolic-androgenic steroids (also known as anabolic steroids) are the most often used steroids (AAS). These androgens, which are generated from or based on testosterone, include both natural and manufactured androgens, such as testosterone.

The anabolic component of testosterone is concerned with the stimulation of muscular growth, while the androgenic component is concerned with the stimulation of the development of masculine characteristics, which testosterone is responsible for.

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Half-Lives of Steroids

When it comes to steroids, the elimination half-life is a measure of how long it takes for a 50 percent drop in steroid concentration to be eliminated from the blood or body, depending on the medicine or substance. Knowing the half-life of a steroid you are using makes it much easier to plan your cycles, choose which steroids to take and how long you should use them for, and determine which steroids to avoid.

It will also enable you to understand what is going on in your body if you are subjected to a drug testing procedure. The half-life of an anabolic steroid stays constant regardless of the dose or the length of time that you have been taking it.

The duration of a steroid’s half-life may range significantly across various kinds of steroids. If you compare the half-lives of Deca-Durabolin (15 days) and Winstrol (9 hours), you can see that the former is much longer than the latter. When compared to steroids with shorter half-lives, steroids with longer half-lives need a longer period of time to be weaned off of.

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Steroids, both injectable and orally administered

Both injectable and oral steroids

Some steroids are solely accessible in injectable form, but others are also available in oral dosage forms. Only a few, such as Winstrol, can be administered intravenously or taken orally.

Given that you are new to taking steroids, it is understandable that beginning with injections would feel frightening. You could even decide to forego injections completely and solely use oral steroids instead. However, you will only be able to use a limited amount of anabolic drugs, such as Anavar and Dianabol.

Steroids used orally

Oral forms are those that are consumed orally. Anabolic-androgenic values and half-lives of the most common oral anabolic steroids are listed below, as well as their detection timings (in brackets) and anabolic-androgenic values:

Dianabol (Methandrostenolone): 4.5 to 6 hours, (6 weeks), 90-210/40-60 – Dianabol (Methandrostenolone): 4.5 to 6 hours, (6 weeks), 90-210/40-60 – The major areas in which Dianabol excels are in the areas of bulk and strength gain. Dbol provides you with an unimaginable amount of strength and endurance. It is often utilized at the start of a bulking cycle to provide rapid effects early on in the procedure.

One of the greatest anabolic steroids for cutting is Anavar (Oxandrolone), which has a 9-hour cycle (3 weeks) and a 322-630/24 dose. It is well-known for having a significant impact on fat burning and metabolic activity, which eventually aids in the development of a lean, hard, and ripped body. Typically used in conjunction with Winstrol or testosterone.

320/45 – Anadrol (Oxymetholone): 8 to 9 hours each day for 8 weeks (8 weeks). Anadrol is considered to be one of the most potent anabolic steroids available for raw strength and bulk increases, and it has been said to have three times the anabolic potency of testosterone. The majority of individuals will mix Anadrol with long-acting injectable steroids to form a stack of steroids.

6 to 8 hours, (8-10 weeks), 400/20 – Superdrol (Methasterone) is a versatile anabolic steroid that can be used in both bulking or cutting cycles. It has numerous benefits, including muscle growth, cutting and toning, hardening the physique, increased strength and overall performance, and enhancing overall performance.

The dosage of Winstrol (Stanozolol) is 9 hours each day for 3 weeks at a rate of 320/30. However, despite its unfavorable effects on the liver, oral Winstrol is often the initial option, especially for people who are new to steroid use. It is a well-known anabolic steroid for its potential to increase fat loss while maintaining muscle mass, and it will also help you recover more quickly.

Primobolan Oral (Methenolone Acetate): 2-3 days (4-5 weeks), 88/44-57 – Primobolan Oral (Methenolone Acetate): 2-3 days (4-5 weeks), 88/44-57 – Primobolan, in contrast to many other oral steroids, does not carry a significant risk of liver damage, and its moderate anabolic effects make it a good option for women who can get outstanding results with modest dosages.

Inhalation of Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone) for 9.5 hours (2 months), at a concentration of 1900/850 – The most common use for Halotestin is to see a significant boost in strength. Halotestin is very effective in considerably increasing strength, and as a result, it is highly prized by competitive strength athletes.

Turinabol (Oral Tbol): 16 hours (11-12 months), 100+/None – Turinabol (Oral Tbol) is a synthetic anabolic steroid. Turinabol is mostly used for performance enhancement rather than as a bulking agent, however it may result in some modest clean mass increases when used in conjunction with other anabolic steroids.

Proviron (Mesterolone): 12 hours, (5-6 weeks), 100-150/30-40 – Proviron (Mesterolone): 12 hours, (5-6 weeks), 100-150/30-40 Proviron is seldom utilized to provide immediate benefits on its own, but rather to operate in conjunction with the other medications you are taking. The compound is very beneficial as both a moderate and efficient aromatase inhibitor throughout a cycle, and it may also be used as a potent muscle hardener towards the conclusion of a tough cutting cycle, as well.

Clenbuterol (Clen): 1.5 days, (4-6 days), N/A — Clenbuterol is a stimulant rather than a steroid, and it has a well-deserved reputation as one of the finest fat burners available. As a result, we know that this is the primary area in which it shines. Women make frequent use of this expression.

2.5 days, (cannot be detected), N/A – Cytomel T3 (Triiodothyronine) is a synthetic version of the thyroid hormone T3 and is used to treat hypothyroidism. Cytomel is used by athletes and bodybuilders to aid in fat reduction by giving the body an extra source of thyroid hormone, which helps to increase the metabolic rate and promote fat loss.

Steroids that are administered intravenously

Anabolic-androgenic values, half-lives, and detection periods (in brackets) for the most common injectable anabolic steroids are listed below, along with their anabolic-androgenic properties:

Deca-Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate)

15 days (18 months), 125/37 Deca-Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) — Deca-Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) is a powerful steroid that promotes large increases in lean muscle mass. It is ideal for bulking and strength gains. Deca’s nitrogen retention properties are excellent, and it gives your muscles a lovely, full appearance. It also has a direct impact on the regeneration and rehabilitation of muscle tissue and the alleviation of joint discomfort.

NPP (Nandrolone Phenylpropionate): 4.5 days (11-12 months), 125/37 – NPP is regarded to be a great mass-building steroid and is used by bodybuilders and athletes alike. While not as immediate and dramatic as some other chemicals, the increases are nevertheless moderate and constant in comparison. NPP also aids in the preservation of lean muscle mass when cutting and throughout the off-season period.

Primobolan Depot (Methenolone Enanthate)

Primobolan Depot (Methenolone Enanthate)

10.5 days (5 weeks), 88/44-57 – Primobolan Depot (Methenolone Enanthate): 10.5 days (5 weeks), 88/44-57 – In the same vein as oral Primobolan, Depot is not an effective mass-gaining steroid. Instead, it is most effective during cutting cycles, when you need to keep the most amount of muscle while burning the most fat and consuming the fewest calories possible. It is considered to be one of the most effective anabolic steroids for girls.

3-4 days (3 weeks), 62-130/25-40 — Masteron (Drostanolone) is most effective when used throughout a cutting cycle. Masteron provides you a granite-like finish, it is quite effective while preparing ready for contests, and it is gentle enough to be used in longer cycles without irritation.

Testosterone (Cypionate)

12 days, 3 months, 100/100; Enanthate: 10.5 days, 3 months, 100/100; Propionate: 3-4.5 days, 2 weeks, 100/100; DHT: 12 days, 3 months, 100/100; DHT: 12 days, 3 months, 100/100; DHT: 12 days, 3 months, 100/100; DHT: 12 days, 3 months, 100/100; DHT: 12 days, 3 months, 100 The suspension is for one day (1-2 days), and the grade is 100 percent. – No matter whether you are cutting or bulking, testosterone is considered the foundation of any steroid cycle. It is simple, it works, and it is very seldom imitated. This is an excellent pick for novices (first cycle).

The Sustanon 250

The Sustanon 250 (Testosterone Propionate, Phenylpropionate, Isocaproate, and Decanoate) cycle is 15-18 days long and lasts three months. Sustanon 250 is a collection of esters that are both slow and rapid-acting, which makes it effective for contributing to muscle growth, fat loss, energy, and strength by providing vital testosterone support throughout a steroid cycle. Sustanon 250 is available in both slow and fast-acting esters.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a hormone that is not technically a steroid, but it has been a popular subject over the last several years. HGH has been shown to slow down the aging process, enhance sleep, promote the growth of new muscular tissue, repair tissue, and heal the body.

Trenbolone (Acetate: 3 days, 5 months, 500/500; Enanthate: 8 days, 5 months, 500/500) – Trenbolone is considered a steroid on steroids, and it will give you insane strength while also assisting you in getting harder. Trenbolone is also considered a steroid on steroids because it will help you get harder. It is something that may be utilized for both constructing and tearing down structures.

Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate

14 days (5-6 months), 500/500 – This is a highly versatile and effective steroid that is useful for a variety of goals, but it is primarily coveted for its mass-gaining properties and for the fact that it allows you to gain mass without increasing your risk of developing water retention.

The usage of Equipoise (Boldenone Undecylenate) is 14 days (4-5 months) and 100/50 – this is a highly flexible steroid that can be used for both bulking and cutting purposes. It is quite effective for both situations. It is identical to Deca in appearance, but it contains far less water and provides me with more vascularity. Usually used in conjunction with testosterone.

Winstrol Depot (Stanozolol) 

1 day, 9 weeks, 320/30 Winstrol Depot (Stanozolol) is an oral and injectable steroid that can be used for both cutting and bulking cycles, since it increases muscle mass and hardens the look of the body. It may be used for both cutting and bulking cycles. Deca, EQ, Primo, Anavar, testosterone, Trenbolone, and Masteron are among of the most popular stacking combinations.

One of the most significant drawbacks of oral steroids is their toxicity to the liver and kidneys. The severity of liver damage varies depending on the kind of steroid, the dose, the length of usage, and your unique reaction.

Making the decision to use injectable steroids broadens your product options and allows you to experiment with more options. Because of their shorter half-life, oral steroids are often used on a daily basis, while injections may be given once or twice a week.

12-week anabolic steroid cycle for bulking

12-week anabolic steroid

Even more, experienced steroid users may choose to start with Dianabol for the first four weeks of a 12-week testosterone cycle and then add Anavar for the final six weeks to help maintain lean mass and body fat levels in the proper ranges for muscle growth and the development of an even larger and more imposing physique. There have been a large number of individuals who have tried it and have reported having no problems at all over the 12-week timeframe.

Many athletes will also use it to aid them in increasing their testosterone production, which is advantageous in a variety of different ways. The “the high testosterone method.” is a term used to describe the process of stacking steroids with a high testosterone level. With the use of Dianabol, people may have much improved effects in terms of their exercises and steroid cycles for cutting bodybuilding. The amount of anabolic steroids they use is very dependent on the person, the strength they are looking for, and the degree of muscle mass they have at the time of the test, all of which are highly variable. The more muscular they are, the more anabolic steroids will help them build those muscles. When it comes to guys, it has been shown that Dianabol should be the first drug tested, followed by a 10-week cycle of steroids, in order to increase muscle growth and strength. Unlike males, most women are inexperienced with how to use Dianabol and have difficulties sticking to a tight diet for the duration of an eight-to-twelve-week bulking steroid cycle. During this time, the 12-week testosterone cycle may be quite beneficial.

Whether you have never used Dianabol before, or if you have tried it previously but had minimal results, start with 2-3 daily doses for 10 days and progressively raise the quantity until your body feels like it should be taking a dosage. If you have tried it before and had minimal success, you should attempt a full 12-week cycle. Once your body has become acclimated to it, you may gradually increase the dosage as your tolerance increases. In order to calculate how much you are taking, you must first weigh your body fat and body fat percentage, and then subtract that amount from your goal dosage, steroid cycles for cutting.

After starting with just two pills each day, progressively increase the total number of doses taken each day until you reach your desired level. Taking it as a kick start, anabolic steroid cycle for beginners, it is probable that you will want to take it as often as you wish. Take your daily dose on a regular basis for the first four weeks to reap the advantages of a considerable muscle-building effect. If you want to see results, take it twice a day for the first two weeks and once a day for the next four weeks. A reduced 1-2 day dosage and a 10-week cycle of steroids would be enough for those who prefer to focus only on muscle gain. Once you have completed your 12 cycles bulking steroid week, your body will begin to adjust to the daily prescription doses once again.

When I told him that he was taking Dianabol for the first time and asked him how much he needed to take each day in order to gain weight, he answered with “10 or so” I then asked him how much he needed to take each day in order to gain weight.

That is correct; a daily dosage of 10 to 15 mg is normally sufficient for the majority of people; but, if you are using anabolic steroids for the first time, your dose may need to be increased. The dosage must also be adjusted to account for the strength gains you have achieved throughout the first four weeks, along with any muscle development that has happened during this period.

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